Bitcoin Caffe

A Cafe With Everything Crypto!

Coffee, Bitcoins, & more!

Looking for a cool place to hangout and sip your favorite coffee? What if we say, we give you something more than just a cool place? Let’s say a --

  • A Crypto atmosphere to enjoy your special coffee!

As our company name suggests, we are an authentic space to have a great time with your coffee and an added flavor of bitcoins.

Cool Crypto Cafe

It’s quite unfortunate that there is no business or local store designed with a bitcoin theme. So, here we break the jinx with our cafe that sips, talks, and smells crypto!

So, if you are a crypto enthusiast and would like to talk about it, a push to our entrance will just make it happen for you. Not only this, if anyone is interested we have a grounded coffee available as well.

  • Aahh, be ready to be mesmerized with the fresh beans!!

We invite you to join us and relish the best taste of coffee with a mix of crypto, crypto, and crypto!

How About Crypto, Coffee, Comedy, And Some Music?

Having a favorite coffee with a smile on the face is all we work for! How about adding a bit of zeal to it once in a while? We might bring in your favorite music or even have a good laugh with our stand-up comedian as a surprise as well!

All this can be done with ease! You just need to book a slot online for yourself. Doing the same will help you get some points that can be redeemed with every purchase you make. So, have some, save some!





But, Wait! That’s Not The End!

We will make your stay even more fun and rewarding at our Crypto-friendly cafe.

  • "After your first order, you'll be getting discounts on all your next orders. How amazing is that!"

Well, there cannot be any better day when you enjoy your favorite coffee, get to learn about Cryptocurrency, and get the pricing down with more orders!
Isn’t it sensational! We did it just for you!

We are open

7 days a week
10:30am - 08:00pm

170/A, Bitcoin Coffee, On the Docks, Jayabheri Park Rd, behind cine planet, Jaibery Colony, Kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500014

Need help? Call us on

+91 90100 66770